It’s only a mystery if you rush.

It’s easy to find.

The Clitoris has NO hair.

It is not shiny since it has no moisture of its own.

The clitoris is covered by a hood, which makes it possible to touch.

     Okay, well yes, the clitoris itself (under the hood) is shiny, but you don’t want to touch that. 

The Clit under the hood, is way too sensitive and does NOT create pleasure. Always touch the clit via the clitoral hood.

The Clit has NO hair.  It is not shiny.

There is only one spot in this region with both of these qualities, and that is the Clit.

There will be hair covering her Clit, just not growing from the Clit itself.

Part her hair while her legs are closed.

The clit is way up top and is accessible with her legs still closed.  Brush her hair to the side, and find the bald spot.

Now that you’ve found it, touch it.

Be firm, but be gentle.  Sending her flying off the bed is not what your looking for.  An orgasm looks more like intense muscle contraction, not her ‘hitting the ceiling’ because you’re going too fast.

Okay, touch it.  Firm and gentle, until you know what makes her contract, moan and eventually explode.  Pay attention to how she’s reacting.

The Clit in the picture here is colored blue, so you can get an idea where this little treasure hides.