Last night I found myself in a room full of marijuana.  A bud trimming party.  A typical Colorado fall scenario, everyone hanging out, laughing with their sticky fingers.

It was just Vortex Boy and myself at this point in the night.  I asked him how to go about trimming the small buds that were left in my pile, and held up a skinny bud that was about an 1 ¼ ” long, skinny, and a bit curved.  It reminded me of the anatomical drawings of the clitoris.

He took the bud from me, held it up, admired it.

His scissors flashed about, exposing the pretty little bud that was hidden under the leaves.  The Edward Scissorhands, of weed.

“You’ve got to uncover the little jewel” he said as he lifted it to his nose.  As he inhaled its odor, he exhaled a long moan.  A primal grunt.

I imagined him gently brushing away my hair , revealing my little jewel.

I wanted to drag him – by his hair – back to his fucking yurt, and give him the throw down.

………….but was it worth the risk?  Does he know where the Clit was?  Did he know how to touch it?  What if I make a move and get rejected, all for someone who doesn’t even know where it is?  Hmmm  I think I’ll need to develop a questionnaire.

What kind of questions could a girl ask, without being insanely forward, to find out if a guy knows what’s what?